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Jason Atchley : Legal Tech : LegalTech 2014 Advance Notice

Jason Atchley

LegalTech 2014 Advance Notice

LegalTech New York 2014 begins Tuesday, but product announcements precede the legal technology show.

Sean Doherty, Law Technology News

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LegalTech New York 2014 begins Tuesday at the The Hilton New York (1335 Avenue of Americas, New York, NY), but product announcements precede the legal technology show.
Actiance Inc. will introduce Alcatraz, a “context-aware” cloud-based archive for email and other real-time communications in booth #2012. Alcatraz is designed to reduce the cost of e-discovery and the risks of using unified messaging, collaboration tools and social media by archiving and displaying dynamic social content in context.
BigHand, a provider of voice productivity and digital dictation workflow software, launched on Jan.30 BigHand 4.4 and a new Mobile iPad app called BigHand Go. The iPad app allows users to record, track and edit dictations on Apple Inc.’s tablet.  The app also supports online and offline synchronization. 
The new version of BigHand for dictation workflow continues to support remote and mobile computing; now supporting full synchronization of the full range of priorities for recordings on mobile devices, which includes the BlackBerry Q10 and Z10. BigHand for the iPhone is now integrated with MobileIron’s Mobile@Work, which provides administrators tools to deploy, configure and, when necessary, selectively wipe the application from a central location.
Note that BigHand and Esquire Innovations’ iCreate, a provider of legal document production software, will show off BigHand’s integration with iCreate in booth #1711. After dictations are transcribed using BigHand, iCreate can automatically capture the completed transcript and process the text into a smart template for document production.
Cumulus Data Inc., a relatively new e-discovery provider that makes software as a service to collect, review and preserve data, will showcase its discoverEcloud Suite in booth #1618. The suite can now collect data from the Amazon cloud and apply search filters to quickly cull data. On Aug. 14, 2013, the company teamed up withNextpoint Inc., maker of Cloud Preservation and Discovery and Trial Cloud, to offer an e-discovery service from collection to production.
Exterro Inc. will unveil on Tuesday the e-discovery software maker’s Fusion Employee Monitor, an application designed to reduce the risk of data spoliation caused by personnel changes. The Employee Monitor software will detect employee status changes from line-of-business software and ensure that data tied to legal or regulatory matters are adequately protected from deletion or modification. Fusion Employee Monitor will be demonstrated with the Exterro Fusion Suite in booth #230.
HP Autonomy will announce at LegalTech a new cloud-based e-discovery offering for small to midsize businesses and law firms, called HP eDiscovery OnDemand. The new software as a service is designed to deliver the HP Autonomy eDiscovery product from a web-based platform. OnDemand will be delivered from a secure private cloud managed and administered by HP, but customers will not only have the keys to their castle, they will also be in the driver seat to command their own e-discovery tasks from early-case assessment to production. See HP Autonomy in booth #110.
Neudesic Pulse, an enterprise collaboration software manufacturer, will be showcasing the legal capabilities of its enterprise collaboration platform, the Firm Directory, in booth #2618. The Firm Directory captures, manages and shares lawyers’ biographical information, knowledge, expertise and skills across their firm so employees can tap the wealth of information that may be available about a practice area, jurisdiction, judge etc.
Nuix, an e-discovery and information management software provider announced on Jan. 28 that it launched an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Program that aims to make it easier for software developers and service providers to build products and workflows around the Nuix engine. In 2Q, Nuix will release the Nuix Engine application programming interface, which will allow Java application to access the Nuix processing engine. Later this year, Nuix will release its Restful API, which will expose essential elements of the Nuix engine API to a simple, remote-access interface. See Nuix in booth #1401.
Recommind Inc. released today Axcelerate 5, the information management software provider’s next version of it cloud-based e-discovery platform. The new version has a redesigned user interface that takes advantage of HTML5, new analytics and visualization tools and more streamlined automation. The company boasts that Axcelerate 5 has more than 300 enhancements, which includes Hypergraph features designed to uncover hidden connections and patterns in communication and on-the-fly redaction in near-native view, without converting a document to TIFF. For all the details, see Recommind in booth #2114.
Attorney Sean Doherty is LTN’s technology editor.

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