Jason Atchley : Legal Tech 2014 : LTNY eDiscovery Panels Day 2

Jason Atchley : Legal Tech 2014 : eDiscovery Panels Day 2

Jason Atchley

LegalTech E-Discovery Panels: Day 2

It’s easy to get completely overwhelmed at LegalTech New York, so here’s a ‘cheat sheet’ to help you choose among the many panels on Wednesday, Feb. 5.

Monica Bay , Law Technology News

February 05, 2014, 12:01 AM    |0 Comments
It’s easy to get completely overwhelmed by the three-day marathon that is LegalTech New York, Feb. 4-6.  Of course, the most important thing to remember is wear very, very comfortable shoes. You’ll need them to traverse the massive Hilton New York for three days!  Here’s an e-discovery “cheat sheet” to help you decide which panels to attend!

Eight Tracks

EDS: Actionable E-Discovery (FTI Technology)
BD: Big Data (Recommind)
SM: Business of Law Track (LexisNexis)
TD: Transforming E-Discovery (Kroll Ontrack)
CLT: Corporate Legal IT (ILTA & Commvault)
CR: Cost & Risk (HuronLegal)
EOL: The Evolution of Lawyering (LexisNexis)
LFM: Law Firm Management (Thomson Reuter)
Day two kicks off with the don’t-miss keynote: “Judges Panel:” Changing Rules and Best Practices in e-Discovery,” (open to all). It features four of the most “front and center” federal jurists who are shaping the future of e-discovery: three from the Southern District of New York: Judge Shira Scheindlin, and Magistrate Judges James Francis and Andrew Beck; the fourth from the District of Columbia, Magistrate Judge John Facciola. The panel will be moderated by Austin-based attorney and forensic technologist, Craig Ball.


ED: “Predictive Coding and Analytics Applied on Three Common Scenarios.”
TE: “Have We Reached a ‘John Henry’ Moment in Evidentiary Search?”
CR: “Discovery Insourcing v. Outsourcing—Finding the Right Balance for Your Organization”


General Session: “E-Discovery with the Strings Attached: How the Cloud Will Change E-Discovery in 2014 and Beyond.


EDS: “Advice from Counsel: One Small Step for E-Discovery, A Giant Leap for Information Governance?”
BD: “The End of Predictive Coding?”
TD: “The E-Discovery Pulse: Metrics You Need to Know.
CR: “Dispelling Myths: Understanding the Risks of Discovery Outsourcing.”


EDS: “Global Discovery: Asia, Europe and Beyond.:
TD: “Multi-Matter Management: An E-Discovery ‘Lifestyle Change.’ “
Emerging Technology: Sonian (10:30).

Read more: http://www.lawtechnologynews.com/id=1391436338776/LegalTech-E-Discovery-Panels%3A-Day-2#ixzz2sSU8Utj4

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