Jason Atchley : SSD Trends and Predictions

Jason Atchley : Kroll Ontrack : SSD Trends and Predictions

Jason Atchley


It’s been quite an eventful past year (2013) for SSDs. Here’s a quick recap of some of the observations we made at Kroll Ontrack:
  1. Sales of SSD and other flash devices increase as prices continue to decrease (storage capacity increased) and aligns more closely with HDD
  2. Kroll Ontrack has seen flash media recoveries grow to nearly 10% of all our recoveries this year.
  3. Ontrack Data Recovery engineers were challenged with new drive formats, such as hybrid drives, which contain both SSD and spinning drive components
  4. The increasingly popular hybrid drive promotes operation optimization – storing more frequently accessed hot data on the faster SSD and less accessed data on the slower spinning portion of the drive or utilize the flash-based portion as a cache.
  5. The myth about SSDs being immune to data loss was completely put to rest – Heck, the Flash Memory Summit show even have a Data Recovery track in 2013 further proving that no one is exempt from this!
Predicting trends for 2014 is a little tricky because when you’ve been in the data recovery business long enough, you know things change on an almost daily basis. With that said, I don’t think it’s a stretch to predict the following:
  1. Prices for SSDs will continue to drop and storage capacity will rise ensuring higher adoption rates
  2. Continued consolidation in the form of big player SSD manufacturers gobbling up the smaller ones
  3. Manufacturers will start working more closely with data recovery companies to better the odds of helping their customers retain lost data
  4. Kroll Ontrack will see an increase in the number of SSD related data recovery scenarios – 15% increase is my prediction


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