Jason Atchley : LTNY : Reviews: Nothing New Under the Sun

Jason Atchley : Legal Tech : LTNY 2014 Reviews are In!


Jason Atchley

LegalTech New York Reviews Are In

Observations from the biggest technology show in the legal industry: “no new stuff.”

Sherry Karabin, Law Technology News

February 12, 2014, 12:01 AM    |0 Comments
Helder Almeida

It’s been about a week since LegalTech New York attendees packed their bags and headed home.  Now it’s time to reminisce, and in the case of bloggers, offer up reviews of the massive event.
 First up is attorney Robert Ambrogi, who runs LawSites.  He says in a Feb. 10 post that there were few innovations this year, adding if there were any to be found they were “at best incremental.”
However, Ambrogi says he encountered entrepreneurial young lawyers and developers looking to “network and to engage in a kind of guerrilla marketing to spread the word about their ideas or their start-ups.”
 Josh Blackman, an assistant professor of law at South Texas College of Law, says there was  “vibrant optimism” at LegalTech.
 “An unfortunate stereotype of LegalTech is that the conference consists of a bunch of nerds peddling widgets to lawyers,” he writes in an entry on Josh Blackman’s blog. “That isn’t the case. The people wandering the exhibit hall are general counsels, looking to use tech to cut costs and improve efficiency. And many of the tools being distributed can—if  done rightly—do just that.”
Then there is Larry Port, chief executive officer and founder of Rocket Matter.  He says he saw more ideas being thrown around than he has witnessed in the seven years of running the company.  Port notes a renewed sense of optimism and energy, but agrees with Ambrogi that there was “no major new stuff.”
Sherry Karabin is a freelance writer and reporter based in New York City. Email: sherry.karabin@yahoo.com.

Read more: http://www.lawtechnologynews.com/id=1392141205544/LegalTech-New-York-Reviews-Are-In#ixzz2t7OKgq3r


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