Jason Atchley : BYOD and Apps to Work

Jason Atchley

Bring Your Own Device and Apps to Work

Smartphone use in the workplace drives demand for business apps.

Marlisse Silver Sweeney, Law Technology News

February 13, 2014, 12:01 AM    |0 Comments
The amount of smartphone use at the workplace is increasing exponentially, or almost that much. In a post on ReCode, Ina Fried says the 132 million people who use their devices at work are expected to grow by nearly a third this year, to 174 million—and by 2017 it’s expected to rise to 328 million workers bringing their own smartphones with them to the job.  The most popular business task they’re performing on them, according to Fried—business editing.  
She cites a study from Good Technology, which says that due to this increased use, app adoption and activations are also up.  “Enterprise app activations were up 54 percent from the prior quarter, an acceleration from the 42 percent growth rate between the second and third quarters,” says Fried.  Business intelligence apps are on the rise and according to Good Technology CEO Christy Wyatt, the applications that enterprises are building themselves are the most exciting.
The iPhone is the most popular device, with 54 percent of devices activated in the quarter, followed by the Android at 26 percent.  The Windows Phone, however, accounted for only 1 percent of device activation in that quarters, according to the study.
Attorney Marlisse Silver Sweeney is a freelance writer based in Vancouver. MarlisseSilverSweeney@gmail.com. Twitter: @MarlisseSS. LTN: @lawtechnews.

Read more: http://www.lawtechnologynews.com/id=1392218429082/Bring-Your-Own-Device-and-Apps-to-Work#ixzz2tDHffCom


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