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Get Your Data House in Order—Or Else

In-House Straight

Sherry Karabin, Corporate Counsel

February 14, 2014    |0 Comments

Sergey Nivens
You’re heading out for a meeting with a client when suddenly you realize you can’t find an important document. Did it get deleted or simply misplaced? Scenarios like this are one example why Baker & Hostetler attorneys Judy Selby and James Sherer are urging firms and others in the legal profession to get their data houses in order. In a blog posted in Information Security on the firm’s website they discuss “Information Governance.”
Selby and Sherer argue data security concerns, privacy, compliance and e-discovery costs are just some of the reasons that sound policies to efficiently manage information must be in place. Their key points:
  • Policy must be consistent with “enterprise-wide strategic and business goals,” they say. It should include “all relevant stakeholders and take into account the enterprise’s organization and culture, legal/regulatory concerns, business operations and technology.”
  • Special data challenges like the retention of personal health information or the management of streaming social media data must be addressed.
  • Most data likely has no business value. Implement a defensible deletion plan guided by considerations, such as the effect of legal holds, regulatory and compliance requirements etc.
  • Include guidelines for management of retained information and eliminate redundancies, creating classification and organizational systems so things can be retrieved quickly.

Read more: http://www.corpcounsel.com/id=1202643085378/Get-Your-Data-House-in-Order%26%238212%3BOr-Else#ixzz2tKXKpR8d

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