Jason Atchley : Legal Technology : SxSW Interactive Festival

Jason Atchley : Legal Technology : SxSW Interactive Festival

jason atchley

SxSW Interactive Festival

We are in downtown Austin checking out the SxSW Interactive Festival! The Interactive part of the Festival is focused on technology, social media apps, operating systems, gaming and social business apps. I am posting this from the Samsung Grinder Blogger lounge. We have already met with folks from Microsoft, Apple and Google this morning. This afternoon we will be meeting with teams from Goto Meeting, Webex and Sharethrough. The biggest growth in SxSW is in the social business apps and the business to business software. While there are only a few legal technology companies here this year, I see that changing in a big way moving forward. The scene is ripe for legal technology companies to pitch their tech to every Fortune 500 company in attendance, and most of those F500 companies are here. We look forward to touring the rest of SxSW Interactive and networking with the Chief Technology Officers of the finest companies in America and abroad!

Jason Atchley 


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