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LinkedIn Not the Only Biz Dev for Lawyers

Business development with Relationship Science includes data on prospects, mapping and search tools.

Sherry Karabin, Law Technology News

March 18, 2014    |0 Comments

Whether securing a job or developing business, it’s always better to have an inside contact, especially someone high on the totem pole.
As Robert Ambrogi explains in a post on LawSites, LinkedIn is no longer the only business development option in town. Relationship Science, or RelSci, is quickly making a name for itself, Ambrogi says, claiming to employ more powerful mapping and searching tools and to have “far more information about prospects” than LinkedIn.
Launched last year, RelSci says it has more than 1 million organizations in its database—every public company across the globe, a number of private companies and, now, law firms, including several Am Law 100 firms. It also boasts of 3 million high-level decision-maker subscribers, including corporate counsel, nearly half of whom are not on LinkedIn, Ambrogi wrote.
“It works by mapping your contacts and those of others in your firm against its database of people and companies,” Ambrogi wrote, using Path Finder to determine how you’re connected and the strongest pathway to pursue.
Other features:
  •  Advanced search filters for industry, interests, work history, education, investments, political contributions, etc.
  •  Maps external relationships to find out which firms represent a company.
  •  Daily customizable alerts by email when people and companies you know are mentioned in the news.
  • “Visit a City” lets you research who to meet with in advance of a business trip.
An individual subscription costs $3,000 a year.
Sherry Karabin is a freelance writer and reporter based in New York City. Email: sherry.karabin@yahoo.com.

Read more: http://www.lawtechnologynews.com/id=1395142642266/LinkedIn-Not-the-Only-Biz-Dev-for-Lawyers#ixzz2wnt5KsCq

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