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Smart Mobile Marketing Basics

Ask the Marketers: How vendors (and other legal shops) can get the most bang on mobile devices.

Monica Bay , Law Technology News

June 6, 2014    |0 Comments

The Question:  How can vendors take advantage of mobile devices to market their services and products?
» Christy Burkepresident, Burke & Co., New York. Email: cburke@burke-company.com.
Website: www.burkecompany.com.

The secret to marketing on mobile devices is to be ubiquitous—without being annoying!  Most people glance at their smartphones and tablets constantly, whether they’re at work, in an elevator, or walking down the street, but you only have seconds to get their attention.

Lay your public relations groundwork so your company is highlighted in a variety of legal industry publications and blogs. Announcements that garner the most headlines are product releases, new executive hires, partnerships, alliances, etc. Arrange for your executives to publish “thought leadership” articles in high-credibility publications (well-known publishers and association including magazines and newsletters).
Amplify this coverage by posting it to your website and social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. Start discussions on LinkedIn Groups that are relevant to the slice of the market you serve. With all of this, be careful not to be overly self-serving in touting your own products or services so you don’t aggravate the targets you’re trying to saturate.
» Melanie Brenneman, senior account manager and social media strategist, Edge Legal Marketing, Minneapolis. Email: mbrenneman@edgelegalmarketing.com. Website: www.edgelegalmarketing.com.

There seems to be a shift toward mobile delivery as the first consideration, because users expect it. But is it likely that anyone will read a 1,000 word treatise on a chosen subject on their smartphone? The answer is “it depends” on your target market. The first rule of thumb is to know and understand your audience’s mobile habits. Once you understand the makeup of their mobile universe, you can create the right mobile strategy.

Here are some helpful hints on how to amp up your mobile strategy:
• Design with a mobile-first mindset.
• Find creative ways to scale down lead-in content for mobile devices.
• Leverage location-based information where you can disseminate specialized content to people based on their location at that time.
• Create an app and offer it as a download when visitors find your site on their mobile device, incorporate push notifications.
• Focus on powerful headlines that are highly relevant to your audience. Introduce video and visual content.c
» athy Kenton, chair, Legal Vendor Service Group | Legal Vertical Strategies, San Diego. Email: ckenton@LVStrategies.com. Website: http://www.lvstrategies.com.
1. Optimize your website for mobile. It almost goes without saying that websites need to be optimized for mobile viewing, contact forms, and navigation—but this point can’t be overemphasized.
Many commercial websites are still throwbacks to older technology and do not display optimally on mobile devices. Websites are not “one and done,” they’re living, breathing entities requiring ongoing attention to detail and updating. Considering that more than 50 percent of all users access the Internet on mobile devices, making certain your website properly represents your company on mobile devices is critical.
2. Mobile SM strategies. Recent surveys reveal an increasing number of users exclusively utilize mobile devices for social media monitoring and interaction. If your social media strategy has fallen by the wayside, or never existed at all, you may be missing the opportunity to reach customers and prospects. As with all strategies, know your purpose, create tactics that support your purpose, and monitor results to track your progress.
»Valerie Chan, Founder, Plat4orm PR, Seattle. E-mail: valerie@plat4orm.com. Website: www.plat4ormpr.com.
With the majority of today’s workforce mobile, it’s imperative that companies reach both clients and prospects via mobile devices. The keys to mobile marketing for the legal field are to ensure your information is succinct and mobile-friendly—regardless of format.
For example, mobile e-mail is the most effective when users can interact with the marketer with minimal work. Case in point, have a direct “call to action” after reading copy—that links to a web page where user information is populated and the user can signs up in one click. Twitter is one of the more effective social media tools. It has an easy-to-use phone application and you can send direct notifications to the user. Successful Twitter messages are simple, have minimal hashtags and ideally include a link or visual. 
Visuals and content—whether e-mail, website or social media—need to be as eye-catching on mobile devices as they are on a desktop for the highest response rate and the most effective reach.

Read more: http://www.lawtechnologynews.com/id=1202658417573/Smart-Mobile-Marketing-Basics-#ixzz349EZ2fnk


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