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You ‘Buy’ Digital Media, but Should You Also ‘Own’ It?


Andrew Ramonas, Legal Times

June 13, 2014    | 0 Comments

(l-r) Jonathan Band, Sandra Aistars, and Tim Lordan.  (l-r) Jonathan Band, Sandra Aistars, and Tim Lordan.Photo: Andrew Ramonas/NLJ

As Congress considers copyright reform, representatives of the software and media industries on Friday cautioned lawmakers against altering a rule that has limited the transfer of digital music, e-books and other online-media goods from one consumer to another.
Speaking on Capitol Hill at a discussion about the “first sale” doctrine, chief executive officer Sandra Aistars of the Copyright Alliance and general counsel Keith Kupferschmid of the Software and Information Industry Association defended the principle that allows consumers to sell used books, CDs and other physical copyrighted materials to each other, saying changes to the doctrine could hamper the expansion of digital licensing services.
“We shouldn’t be sacrificing those [licensing models] by trying to make the Internet act like the analog world,” said Aistars, who represents The Walt Disney Co. and Universal Music Group, among other media companies.
Affiliate publication Corporate Counsel has more.

Read more: http://www.nationallawjournal.com/legaltimes/id=1202659343640/You-Buy-Digital-Media-but-Should-You-Also-Own-It#ixzz34p0L7uqV


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