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Learn BYOD Strategies That Balance Company Goals

The tricky key is balancing IT and legal department agendas.

Patricia Kutza, Law Technology News

June 18, 2014    | 0 Comments

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A perfect storm is brewing in the workplace, but this time around it’s not about salaries or benefits. The trend for companies to implement Bring Your Own Devices processes is setting up a convergence of challenges—placing legal staff in the delicate position of balancing the requirements of an IT department’s mandate to implement a BYOD plan with the legal department’s priorities to protect company data.  
Building an effective policy that both supports IT objectives and mitigates BYOD security risks is tricky. As the following YouTube videos show, the conversation about these challenges is increasing complex, as companies navigate what is essentially a new frontier.  Law Technology News chose video selections that offer the broadest glimpse of what drives executive management to adopt BYOD policies; best practices that characterize successful implementations; and security options that can help everybody get a better night’s sleep.
1. Understand the drivers that motivate executive management and information technology teams.
ProducerHP Enterprise Business, 01/30/2014.
Viewing time: 29 minutes.
Style: Moderated by Hewlett-Packard Co.’s Software Evangelist Paul Muller, this panel-style format features Tim Crawford (CIO strategic advisor at AVOA), Brian Katz (director and head of Mobility Engineering at Sanofi) and Genefa Murphy (HP senior director, Go-to-Market, Enterprise Mobility).
Takeaway: If, as Katz said, “It’s very rare that you save money” launching a BYOD program, just where does a company reap the savings so often advertised as one of the main reasons for transitioning to BYOD from company-owned devices?  Watch this video to hear the rationale as well as to understand how the power of mobility drives much of the motivation to adopt BYOD standards.
2. Review what BYOD processes contribute to successful outcomes.
Producer:  TriadTechPartners, 06/04/2013.
Viewing time:  5 minutes.
Style: No-frills presentation by MobileIron’s Computer & Network Security Manager Ann Marie Cullen.
Takeaway: This is the 30,000 feet view of BYOD, summarizing the best practices that MobileIron fleshes out in its online BYOD toolkit (free download). The white paper dates back to 2011, but its principle concept remains relevant: Namely to balance security, compliance, legal liability and cost concerns with a positive user experience.
3. Hear about security options from an IT viewpoint.
Producer:  Mobile Enterprise 360, 04/11/2013.
Viewing time: 8 minutes.
Style: This is a one-on-one interview with Bill Laberis, Mobile Enterprise 360’s content director, and Kurt Roemer, Citrix’s chief strategy strategist.
Takeaway: Roemer echoes the approach mentioned by Genefa Murphy in the previous video—that employee BYOD access to company resources should be risk-appropriate, i.e., relevant to the device, type of work and the location of the user. It’s not an all-or-nothing proposition and today’s virtualization technologies provide the granular functions needed to carve out application access based on these three considerations.
Patricia Kutza is a business and technology journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Email: pkutza@pacbell.net


Read more: http://www.lawtechnologynews.com/id=1202659912885/Learn-BYOD-Strategies-That-Balance-Company-Goals#ixzz356l1jvGw


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