Jason Atchley : Data Storage : Making Magic Happen with Data-Aware Storage in the Public Sector

jason atchley

Making magic happen with data-aware storage in the public sector

Courtesy of Flickr user stevendepoloIT pros should be allowed to add “magician” to their resumes. (Outside of the “personal interests” section, we mean. To each his own.)

On a daily basis, we hear how our customers are bringing IT magic to their organizations by streamlining tired processes and proposing innovative new ways to avoid risks and encourage team productivity. All the more impressive is the materials these pros usually have at their disposal. Major enterprises tend to have access to expansive teams and the latest tools to help power their latest projects. Midmarket companies and public sector organizations, however, need to distribute resources wisely and make educated decisions that enhance value, protect the agency’s most confidential data and keep budget top of mind.

Data-aware storage helps IT pros command a magic power – the ability to unlock the value of their data and incite change in their organizations. Now that Promark Technology has added DataGravity to its General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule, public sector organizations can harness this power and experience the benefits it makes possible. Promark has a two-tier distribution agreement that connects value-added resellers and system integrators with government agencies and public sector organizations in need of storage innovation. Federal, state, local and education (SLED) agencies leverage this relationship to help cut their spending by billions of dollars.

Whether you’re a full-fledged data magician or an IT pro with a few tricks up your sleeve, DataGravity can help you conjure up business value. And now, Promark will help public sector organizations pull off the following feats:

  • Meet tight compliance policies, through the ability to see which files violate regulations and which users are accessing them;
  • Track when users read, write, delete and update files and use data visualizations to provide a clear picture of any inherent risks;
  • Shine a light on dark data to avoid racking up storage costs while exposing the organization to long-forgotten security risks; and
  • Identify the files and encourage the collaborations that help teams streamline tasks and increase productivity.

Contact DataGravity to find out how data-aware storage can make magic happen at your company


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