Jason Atchley : Information Governance : Why IT Shouldn’t Settle for Limited Visibility into VM Storage

Jason Atchley

Why Shouldn’t IT Settle for Limited Visibility Into Their VM Storage?

The modern data center has heavily invested in hosting, developing and managing virtual workloads, making the necessity for data-aware virtual machine storage greater than ever. In organizations where data is distributed across virtualized infrastructure and in thousands of VMs, fostering proactive, real-time security and compliance processes can be complex. To combat external and internal threats, as well as human errors that put sensitive data at risk, IT teams must expand their visibility into the storage layer of VM environments.Why shouldn’t IT settle for poor VM storage visibility? Because as the data center shifts and expands, understanding what’s lurking in the shadows of stored files becomes essential to protecting an organization, its employees and its customers. To overcome some of the data management problems typically associated with virtualized environments, IT needs 360-degree, file-level visibility into virtualized data sets.The shift to
data-aware VM environments at the storage level
provides organizations with the ability to:
Troubleshoot and remediate privacy, security and compliance issues;
Search, protect and govern stored data
Gain operational, security and business insights;
Evaluate data at the VM or file level based on several key factors; and
Avoid common dark data pitfalls.
Click through our newest SlideShare, “
Bring Data Awareness to Your VMware Environment
: Why IT shouldn’t settle for incomplete VM storage visibility” to learn how data-aware storage helps control and optimize VM environments.
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February 11, 2015
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